Thursday, 17 March 2011

Anchors away

Hello everybody, I'm really sorry I havent updated in 3 weeks now, I started a new job and have been working full time, its been so tiring. I can't get my blog to look organised and tidy either I have been looking at it and got stressed... i guess it mirrors how unorganised i actually am in person! It's just really messy but I guess i've only been doing this for a month, maybe i'll figure out which direction i'm going with my blog/how I want it to look? Sigh.

Anyway, aside from the stress, today I went into my local Sallys and got really excited about the new collection of China Glaze nail polishes called 'Anchors away'.

I bought the one on the far left on the top, a rusty, orangey colour called 'Life preserver' but the nude colour and pale blue are also on the top of my wishlist! They glide on so easily and last for a good week with a base and topcoat. I would definately recommend China Glaze polishes, especially this lovely summery collection, I think the one I just bought was roughly about £6.50, well worth it. Ooo and I had a great charity shop shopping spree the other day, you know the lucky times when you find some really great pieces? I'll get some pictures up tomorrow!

I hope you are all having a lovely week, reading my favourite blogs when there's nothing to do at work gets me through the day :)

Illustration from my 'fear and lothing in Las Vegas' book, I love it so <3


  1. Oh my god i've totally messed up the image on there, this is what i mean about untidy blog!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your charity shop finds! x