Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday, I'm in love

Hello everyone, it's finally Friday woo! I'm going to Sunderland for a girly night tomorrow night, strictly no boys! I swear i'm going to end up an old woman with a house full of cats, but i'm sick of man drama! Not really been upto anything exciting this week apart from training and preparing for my job interview. Today I popped out to take Georgia to nursery then popped to get some lunch, now i'm sat watching Jeremy Kyle and painting my nails!

This is what I wore today, nothing exciting I must say
I look really miserable and my jumper could have been bloody ironed but i was in a hurry ;) haha
Blouse- New Look
Rusty coloured jumper- h&m
Black high waisted shorts (can't really see them) -Charity shop
Leather jacket- h&m
Ring are just various from h&m

I should really start being more creative with my hair rather than just shoving it up in a bun, but it's just easy during the week! Hence why i'm never showing my hair atm! 

Are you guys doing anything nice at the weekend?:)


  1. just wandering on Blogspot and found your lovely blog :)
    nice blouse!
    i think i have to be more creative with my hair too, as i shove them uo in a bun almost everyday!

  2. Beautiful jacket!