Tuesday, 22 February 2011

''We can't stop here, this is bat country!''

Hi everyone, (all 7 of my followers too, aww I didn't think i'd even have one by now thanks guys!), anyway it's been such a busy couple of days, i'm on doing this training course full time and it's really hard work. It has paid off though because I have an interview next friday, woo! The only thing is, I don't know what to wear for it. I didn't want to just go with the basic plain black trousers, white shirt sort of thing it just doesn't feel like me but I obviously don't want to go OTT!
These are the ideas I have so far... Today I bought this blouse in New Look (the only decent shop in the tiny town center I am training at). It's I lovely nude colour and suits my shape really well, plus i'll wear it alot anyway! Obviously i'll wear black trousers but I have these lovely skinny/dressy kind of trousers from Topshop which are smart but equally nice. Maybe with a little cute necklace and a statement ring to finish it off?
Do any of you have any suggestions on how to make an 'interview' outfit look less boring and more quirky but not completely over the top? :)

On a less stressy, lighter note I also popped into a charity shop on my lunch and bought this cute little bag!
It's a little battered and worn but that's what I love about it, it has a history, haha :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, I will have a proper outfit post at the weekend, with having a toddler and doing this full time course it's hard to snap a decent one when i'm in such a rush on a morning!

Chow! x


  1. that blouse is lovely! i (personally!) wouldn't do a big necklace, maybe like, a dainty small pearl or something because there's a lot going on around the neck anyway, but yeah statement ring - go for it! and pretty shoes, obviously!

    lovely bag as well, i bought a couple of new gems in charities this week!


  2. I think your should were the skinny leg trousers and then put some statement pieces of jewellery on.


  3. I saw that blouse in new look the other day and really liked it!! and that bag is SO nice. I say black trousers are always good. Keep it simple maybe, defiantly a statement ring and a small necklace? it would look really good together xo

  4. Gorgeous bag!



  5. Thanks for all of your suggestions :) SO nervous!

    The bag was only £2, can't go wrong ! xx