Sunday, 20 February 2011

My Girl

Fearne Cotton is my idol! I just seem to love everything she wears when I see photos of her. She can wear a nice girly dress but somehow put an egdy twist on it, she always looks effortless! I think i'm kind of a tomboy at heart and love to team floaty skirts or dresses with clunky boots or some converse, if i'm top to toe 'girly' I really don't feel comfortable at all. I think this is the main reason I love her and her style so much! Not to mention those great make up sets I saw in Boots at christmas time, I got the nail polish one and the colours are fab!

Two posts in my first day in the blogging world isn't really the coolest thing to do but nevermind! Not to mention how bad and higgelty piggelty my layout is haha, i'm sure i'll get the hang of it all soon enough :)

Chow x


  1. love her style - she was at the elle awards on monday night! i was there and she is so pretty x

  2. Her style is so laidback and like you said it's effortless. love her! x

  3. LOVE Fearne, her style is one of my faves!x